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“That’s Why I Fell For The Leader Of The Pack” [The Leader Of The Pack / Shangri-Las] (Morton, Barry, Greenwich)

1. How do you keep yourself motivated whether you’re in the Red or the Black?

What will keep you up no matter what the 4 Seasons throw at you?

How can you stay positive 52 weeks a year?

How do you come up trumps no matter what hand life deals you?

There should be enough clues there to realise that the answer to this issue lies in a simple pack of cards.

2. Firstly, it’s your pack of cards. You are the dealer, you shuffle them, you deal them out, you play them, you decide when to re-shuffle. Believe that. Know that.

3. Secondly, put your deck in order. It seems that there is not widely agreed order for the (French) suits in different card games. For example in Bridge, the order is Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs; in Skat, the order is Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds. So as with most questions about Leadership, “It Depends”…

4. I suggest we take our lead from Maslow – the daddy of motivation.


§  Assuming safety is a given, the next lowest level Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is motivation from Resources, Property and Money – hence Diamonds.

§  The next level up is about Love and Family – so that’s got to be Hearts.

§  The next level in Maslow’s pyramid is about belonging, respect of others and affiliation as McClelland would put it – so that’s Clubs.

§  The top of the tree in terms of Motivation is about self-actualization, problem solving, a sense of achievement, completing meaningful work – arguably Spades!


5. So – one more time we find that Money is not the greatest motivator, achievement, feedback, recognition and respect are more important. Of course, it may be in the game you’re playing; you decide what you need most and sort out your deck for the next game (and don’t forget The Joker).

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